Look good & Feel good

Your needs, your looks, feeling good... 

We help you to fulfil them all through a natural skincare routine that is good for your skin, good for the environment and, above all, incredibly effective !


To find, dig up and share with you quality brands that are effective, that are founded on wonderful values, and that respect YOU, as well as the natural world of today, the natural world of tomorrow.... that is our mission.


We were inspired by the value of doing things the right way. Right for us, right for you, right for the world around us.

It is vital today to trust what we consume, what we buy, and what we use for our daily needs.

We offered products that contain more than 95% natural ingredients. No nasties ! And on top of that, the list of ingredients is easy to understand.  You won't find any parabens, PEGs, silicones, phthalates, SLS SLES or other dodgy chemicals ! 

Basically, they're just products that are good for the body, the mind and the planet.

Each brand is thoroughly selected, each product is carefully scrutinized, each label is carefully checked,... in other words, only natural products are required !


As we are all concerned about the legacy we will leave to future generations, and as today has an impact on tomorrow, we take pride in working with committed brands !

We select brands that offer skin care products that respect all skin types, are environmentally conscious, ethically manufactured, are a harmony between man and nature, and are so much more !

And really, we want people to be acknowledged and genuinely appreciated in what we do, in everything we offer, and we encourage you to stand with us in what we believe is right. We believe it is important to make the general public, people, human beings, aware of alternatives that respect both health and the environment.

We promise to always respect these values and make YOU our priority. We promise to provide and associate ourselves only with those who live and play by the same values as we do.


Thanks to you, to your loyalty, and in an effort to do good for our planet, we have the possibility to donate a pourcentage of our annual sales to organisations , supporting causes that are dear to us, such as the Prostate Cancer, or environmental issues...

And we proudly support organisations such as 1% for the Planet, and Movember.

We care about you and the planet, and by supporting us, you are also supporting 1% for the Planet and Movember !

1% for the Planet

The 1% for the planet movement is an international collective of companies, associations and individuals working together for a healthier planet.

1% for the planet is committed to auditing environmental donations to amplify their impact and address environmental issues such as climate, wilderness, pollution, food, water and wildlife.


Movember promotes awareness of male diseases that are very rarely if ever tackled, and raises funds for medical research.

The Movember Foundation funds groundbreaking health projects, such as mental health, suicide prevention and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer.

Welcome, we hope you like what you see, let us know if we can help you or if you have any comments or suggestions.